Robot Software Development & Training Services

Whether you’re just starting out or already have robots in production, our robot software development & training services are taylored to support the next steps on your automation journey.

At HAL Robotics, we are driven by getting robots to do exactly what you need, whether that’s adding flexibility to an existing process or developing an entirely new one.

By leveraging our software framework and years of experience, we actively de-risk and accelerate your automation deployment, enhancing productivity, quality, and financial viability of your manufacturing processes.

Application Automation

Exploring automation? HAL Robotics guides your journey, whether you’re automating a process or discovering robotics’ benefits for your applications.


Drawing on our extensive experience in developing applications from scratch across various industries and countless processes, HAL Robotics actively guides you through specification creation, feasibility studies, equipment selection, and assembling the right project team to ensure timely and precise delivery.


Our cross-disciplinary experience allows us to draw up on techniques from parallel industries to jump start your applications. We also build upon our tried-and-tested software framework to deliver robust solutions that integrate directly into your software eco-systems.

HAL Robotics actively accompanies you throughout your automation journey—from designing and iteratively developing your application to deploying it, providing training, and supporting your teams.

Benefit from our expertise in…

Since 2011, we’ve actively adapted our technology to newly automated industries, seamlessly handling completely new processes like robotic sheet metal deformation or combining processes—such as 3D printing followed by machining—to achieve remarkable results.

Few parts and assemblies are designed without the use of CAD software. Consequently, we’ve developed workflows to efficiently handle intricate 3D models and convert them into robotic toolpaths.

HAL Robotics has designed its technology to be compatible with a wide array of automation hardware available on the market. This compatibility allows us to work with equipment from top manufacturers and provide clients with precise advice on selecting the right tools for their needs, considering mechanical requirements, software compatibility, and safety.

At HAL Robotics, we design solutions that directly integrate with original data sources to prevent conflicts, whether they involve CAD software, customer databases, or ERP systems.

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Collaborative Development

Are you looking to enhance your existing robotic infrastructure or need a software partner to bring a client’s vision to life? HAL Robotics can boost your team’s expertise through collaborative development.


HAL Robotics firmly believes that assembling the right team for a project can yield results far beyond the individual contributions. Consequently, we frequently collaborate with system integrators, sensor providers, robot manufacturers, and IT solutions providers to ensure our clients have access to top expertise in each domain.


We actively collaborate with experts from various fields, creating standalone packages for our OEM partners or serving as a bridge between different solution components.

HAL Robotics enhances your in-house engineering capabilities and assists in delivering previously impossible jobs.

Benefit from our expertise in…

We frequently encounter complex CAD data, especially in models with tens of thousands of components. To address this, we’ve developed tools that preprocess these large models. They allow us to easily visualize lightweight CAD model versions while still maintaining direct access to the originals for detailed analytics or accurate toolpath generation.

HAL Robotics designed its kinematics engine from the ground up to manage multi-robot cells, where machines collaborate or operate independently. It also handles tool changes and tracks toolpaths on mobile parts.

We program using a fully parametric approach, significantly reducing the time needed to modify robot programs. This ensures compatibility with batches-of-one and enables our clients to maintain flexibility in processes like inspection where parts are liable to change frequently.

The HAL Robotics Framework supports any robot vendor, making it easy to deploy the same program across various machine brands or quickly adapt to a different robot model.

Our technology’s core features exhibit high portability, enabling them to run on diverse operating systems and system architectures. Whether it’s hobbyist hardware like Raspberry Pis running Linux, operator workstations on Windows, or containerized environments in the cloud, the HAL Robotics Framework can be deployed consistently across the edge and data centers.

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We recognize that R&D plays a crucial role in advancing industries, but spending significant time on peripheral issues, such as learning to program robots, can be wasteful.


Our core technologies empower researchers to accelerate robot application prototyping by providing highly flexible tools. This allows them to focus on the topics that truly drive their work.


These tools share the same underlying technologies that we provide to our industrial clients. This enables swift migration of R&D into PoCs with industrial partners, and eventually into production.

We provide introductory robotics sessions for beginners and offer on-premises workshops with hands-on programming tutorials customized to your specific applications.

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