Automate the processing of variable products, with robots that constantly adapt to part or task changes.

Designed to safely reprogram industrial robots from CAD models, sensor measurements or any other data source, the HAL Robotics Framework enables automation of high-mix, high-complexity tasks.

truly flexible manufacturing

variation is the new standard

Whether you’re automating manual tasks, or starting to offer more product customisation and specialisation to your clients, having production equipment which adapts to variability is critical.

From contract manufacturing aerospace components, to sanding made-to-order cabinets, or engraving musical instruments with a customer’s name, production flexibility is a necessity.

By interpreting data to generate robot instructions rather than using manual, offline, or teach-and-repeat programming, the HAL Robotics Framework is built from the ground up to handle product and process variation.

A Bridge Too Far, CITA, 2016

safe, predictable execution

from error-checked generated procedures to native robot code

When a robot’s job is changing frequently, you need complete confidence that it’s always going to work safely and without errors.

The HAL Robotics Framework uses a digital twin to simulate and validate procedures before the robot starts. This can run automatically or with human supervision, and uses measured data to ensure the most accurate model possible.

Validated procedures are translated to native robot code to retain all the functionality of your certified safety systems.

the right tool for the job

deployed however and wherever you need it

The HAL Robotics Framework is both portable and highly customisable, meaning it can take exactly the form you need it to. That gives you access to the same powerful robotics software through a tailored user interface for operators to reconfigure a cell, or a micro-service application running autonomously in an embedded system.

headless service

fully automate processes with connected edge or cloud applications

headless service

fully automate processes with connected edge or cloud applications

tailored UI

simplify the programming of your robots with just the settings you need

tailored UI

simplify the programming of your robots with just the settings you need

no-code prototyping

CAD-based visual programming tool for fast process development

no-code visual programming

CAD-based prototyping tool for fast process development

always compatible

program any robots, for any processes, on any parts

Whether a robot is welding, cutting, or 3D printing, a HAL Robotics Framework procedure ensures that the robot is in the right place at the right time with the right settings.

Every procedure is vendor-agnostic, so it can be exported to any of the hundreds of supported robots and positioners. The Framework can also simulate multi-robot cells and combinations of robots, regardless of their brand or size. Ever wanted to use a Universal Robot on an Omron AGV, or mount an ABB cobot on the end of a KUKA? Now you can.

adapt to change with the HAL Robotics Framework

software module

portable software services to add robot programming wherever you need it

ideal for connecting your robots to your IT infrastructure, on-premises, on the edge or in the cloud

  • full-featured framework, for adaptive robot programming from any data source

  • Industry 4.0 enabler

  • adds robotics to your data pipelines

    • generate toolpaths
    • validate robot behaviour
    • export native robot code
    • monitor and process sensor data
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bespoke user interface

intuitive, tailored UI to reprogram your robots and manage production changes

ideal for operators, engineers and designers who shouldn’t have to “speak robot” to get their job done

  • full-featured framework, for adaptive robot programming from any data source

  • intuitive, role-based UX, suited to users’ responsibilities and workflows

  • interactive 3D display and rich UI

  • merge design and fabrication workflows within the same software to optimise products and manufacturing processes

  • visualise simulation and monitored data through your cell’s digital twin

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prototyping platform

develop your robotic application PoCs within McNeel Rhinoceros & Grasshopper

ideal for early stage R&D, when experimenting and iterating quickly are key to success

  • no-code visual scripting interface

  • hundreds of robot presets

  • create your own robot cell with custom end-effectors and positioners

  • process CAD data

  • create your own toolpath strategy

  • simulate and validate procedures

  • export native robot code

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visual inspection planner

solution : bespoke user interface + software module on the edge

A bespoke user interface allows our client to program and control their mobile inspection robots from CAD data or interactive user input. This enabled the automation of a previously error-prone, manual job.

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cloud-based job validator

solution : bespoke user interface + software module in the cloud

Running in a serverless cloud infrastructure allowed this design validation application to run hundreds of simulations in parallel, and ensure the manufacturability of different design options in minutes.


concrete 3D printer

solution : prototyping platform

The HAL Robotics Framework gave XtreeE the tools to develop their concrete 3D printing robot and go to market in a matter of months.


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