At HAL Robotics, we are driven by getting robots to do exactly what you need, whether that’s adding flexibility to an existing process or developing an entirely new one.

Automation can increase productivity, improve quality and make new processes financially viable. By leveraging our software framework and years of experience turning robotic innovation into reality, we can de-risk and accelerate your automation deployment.

Whether you’re just starting out or already have robots in production, we are ready to support the next steps on your automation journey.

Application Automation

If you have a process that you’re looking to automate or are just scoping the field to see where you might benefit from robotics in your applications, then HAL Robotics are here to get you on your way.


With experience developing applications from scratch for many industries and uncountable processes, HAL Robotics can work you through specification creation, feasibility studies, equipment choices and will pull together the right team around your project to ensure that everything is delivered by the right people at the right time.


Our cross-disciplinary experience allows us to draw up on techniques from parallel industries to jump start your applications. We also build upon our tried and tested software framework to deliver robust solutions with integration directly into the software eco-systems and infrastructure that you need.

From design through iterative development to deployment of your application, along with training and support of your teams, HAL Robotics will be with you the whole way along your automation journey.

Benefit from our expertise in…

Having worked in newly automated industries since 2011, our technology has always had to adapt to combinations of processes and as such running a completely new process, like robotic sheet metal deformation, or combining processes, like 3d printing and then machining the result, are taken in our stride.

Few parts and assemblies are designed without the use of CAD software so we have developed workflows to easily work with complex 3D models and process them into robotic toolpaths.

HAL Robotics technology has been designed to be compatible with the wide array of automation hardware available on the market. That has given us the opportunity to work with equipment from the world’s top manufacturers and advise our clients on exactly the right tool for the job, considering not only mechanical requirements but also software, communication and safety.

Handling data in organisations of any size can be extremely complicated, particularly when it needs to be stored in multiple systems for different purposes. At HAL Robotics we design solutions that can integrate directly with the original data sources to avoid conflicts, be they CAD software, customer databases or ERP systems.

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Collaborative Development

Are you looking to expand the capabilities of your existing robotic infrastructure or in need of a software partner to help bring a client’s vision to life? If so, HAL Robotics can enhance your team’s expertise through collaborative development.


HAL Robotics firmly believe that the right team around a project can deliver a result much greater than the sum of its parts. To that end, we often collaborate with, amongst others, system integrators, sensor providers, robot manufacturers and IT solutions providers, to ensure that our clients have access to the best in every domain.


As such we have extensive experience collaborating with experts in other fields, building standalone packages for our partners or acting as the bridge between different components.

When a job seems too complex to program or the requirements demand reconfigurability or tight IT integration, HAL Robotics can extend your in-house capabilities and help you to deliver those previously impossible jobs.

Benefit from our expertise in…

CAD data can quickly become complicated to manipulate, especially with models including tens of thousands of components. We came across these requirements constantly and so have developed tools to pre-process these huge models to easily visualise light-weight versions whilst retaining direct access to the originals for detailed analytics or accurate toolpath generation.

HAL Robotics’ technology has been designed from the ground up to handle multi-robot cells with machines working together or independently, as well as changing tools and tracking toolpaths on mobile parts.

Our approach to programming is fully parametric, greatly reducing the time required to make changes to a program. This ensures our compatibility with batches-of-one and enables our clients to maintain flexibility in processes like inspection where parts are liable to change frequently.

Every program in the HAL Robotics Framework is vendor-agnostic. This means that if the same program needs to be deployed on multiple brands of machine, or if a robot needs to be replaced by one from a different manufacturer, it takes a fraction of a second to have the new code ready.

The core features of our technology are built to be highly portable and can run on various OSes and system architectures, from hobbyist hardware like Raspberry Pis running Linux, to operator workstations on Windows, or even in containerised environments in the cloud. This versatility means that the exact same libraries can be run on the edge or in a datacentre meaning inherent compatibility when communicating between the two and leaving plenty of flexibility in deployment.

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We know that R&D is critical to pushing industry forwards, but that a lot of time can be wasted dealing with tangential problems like learning how to program robots.


We have developed highly flexible tools based on our core technologies to allow researchers to accelerate their robot application prototyping, and focus on the topics that really drive them.


These tools offer the same underlying technologies that we provide to our industrial clients, meaning that R&D can be quickly and easily migrated into PoCs with industrial partners, and eventually into production.

To help you make the most of these tools we offer introductions to robotics for those just getting started, or more focused on-premises workshops with hands-on programming tutorials, tailored to your applications.

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