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human-robot collaboration software

DECODE Best programming software for Yaskawa Robots - Alternative to Yaskawa MotoSim - Yaskawa robot simulation software - Yaskawa simulation software for Yaskawa Cobots and Yaskawa robots - Yaskawa Robot Arm

deploy your Yaskawa robot arm in minutes

No need to be a Yaskawa robot programmer or use Yaskawa robot simulation software Yaskawa MotoSim to use Yaskawa robots! Discover DECODE, the best alternative to Yaskawa Robotics software Yaskawa MotoSim.

decode enables users with no robotics or programming expertise to flexibly automate new and variable tasks, that would require days of specialist work using Yaskawa MotoSim, conventional offline robot programming (OLRP) software or leadthrough teaching


digital twin Yaskawa simulator and path-planner for Yaskawa robot arm and Yaskawa cobot: the best alternative to Yaskawa Robotics software Yaskawa MotoSim.

build a digital twin

A digital twin is a virtual representation of your Yaskawa robotic arm or Yaskawa cobot, similar to a Yaskawa Robotics software Yaskawa MotoSim. DECODE will then process this Yaskawa robot digital twin similarly to Yaskawa robot simulator MotoSim.

Start by creating a digital twin of your Yaskawa robot arm, to simulate and validate machine behaviour.

decode simplifies this with:

  • an easy drag & drop interface

  • presets for all Yaskawa robot arms

  • support for 40+ CAD formats

DECODE - Collaborative Robot Simulation Programming Control - Yaskawa Robots Digital Twin Scene Editor - collaborative robotics software
DECODE - Collaborative Robot Simulation Programming Control - Procedure Simulation Validation - Path Planner - collaborative robotics software - Software programming Yaskawa MotoSim alternative - Yaskawa Robot simulation software - Yaskawa robot programming software - Yaskawa robot simulator

robot programming and simulation software alternative to Yaskawa robot simulator Yaskawa MotoSim for Yaskawa robot programmer

generate toolpaths

Whether you are just discovering Yaskawa robots or an expert Yaskawa robot programmer, decode gives you powerful tools to automate a large range of applications.

Quickly and easily program your robot by combining robot actions with our library of customisable toolpath generators.

  • use native Yaskawa robot functions

  • ensure error-free robot tasks

  • no Yaskawa MotoSim or Yaskawa INFORM expertise required



human-robot collaboration workflow

create a workflow

In decode, workflows provide a powerful way to define collaborative work instructions for operators, robots and sensors.

  • leverage operator know-how

  • adapt to part or process changes

  • reduce errors and downtime
DECODE - Workflow editor for Yaskawa robot programmer
DECODE - Yaskawa robot Simulation software - Yaskawa robot programming software - Yaskawa robot control software - Workflow Executor - collaborative robotics software - Yaskawa robot software MotoSim alternative - Yaskawa robot training

The best alternative to Yaskawa robot software Yaskawa MotoSim: DECODE, the best Yaskawa robot programming software & Yaskawa robot simulation software for Yaskawa robot arm and Yaskawa cobot


That’s it, you are now a Yaskawa robot programmer, your first Yaskawa INFORM program, validated by our Yaskawa robot simulator, is ready to upload without even using Yaskawa software Yaskawa MotoSim or another Yaskawa robot simulation software!

Your collaborative robot application workflow is now ready to execute in the robot cell HMI, guiding your operator through the process and asking for their input when required.

Yaskawa Motoman

We offer extensive compatibility with the Yaskawa Motoman robot catalogue.

If you have questions about Yaskawa robot programming, don’t see your equipment in the list below or need a tailored Yaskawa robot training course, please contact us.

YASKAWA Robot Programming: Compatible Equipment

  • Yaskawa NX100, DX100, FS100, DX200, YRC1000 and YRC1000 micro controllers
Yaskawa AR1440-A00
Yaskawa AR1440E-A00
Yaskawa AR1730-A01
Yaskawa AR2010-A11
Yaskawa AR3120-A00
Yaskawa AR700-A00
Yaskawa AR900-A00
Yaskawa EA1400N-A00
Yaskawa EA1400N-A10
Yaskawa EA1800N-A00
Yaskawa EA1900N-A00
Yaskawa EA1900N-A10
Yaskawa ECR3J-A00
Yaskawa EH200-A00
Yaskawa EH200-A10
Yaskawa EH80-A00
Yaskawa EPH130-A00
Yaskawa EPX1250-A000
Yaskawa ES120N-A00
Yaskawa ES120N-A20
Yaskawa ES165D-B00
Yaskawa ES165D-B10
Yaskawa ES165N-A00
Yaskawa ES165N-A10
Yaskawa ES165RD-B00
Yaskawa ES165RD-J00
Yaskawa ES165RN-A00
Yaskawa ES200D-B00
Yaskawa ES200N-A00
Yaskawa ES200RD-B00
Yaskawa ES200RD-J00
Yaskawa ES200RN-A00
Yaskawa ES280D-B00
Yaskawa ES280D-B10
Yaskawa ES280N-A00
Yaskawa GP110-A00
Yaskawa GP110B-A00
Yaskawa GP110H-A00
Yaskawa GP120RL-A00
Yaskawa GP12-A00
Yaskawa GP12-C00
Yaskawa GP12-F00
Yaskawa GP165R-A00
Yaskawa GP180-120-A00
Yaskawa GP180-A00
Yaskawa GP180-F00
Yaskawa GP180H-A00
Yaskawa GP200R-A00
Yaskawa GP200S-A00
Yaskawa GP20-A00
Yaskawa GP20HL-A00
Yaskawa GP215-A00
Yaskawa GP225-A00
Yaskawa GP225H-A00
Yaskawa GP250-A00
Yaskawa GP25-12-A10
Yaskawa GP25-A00
Yaskawa GP25-A50
Yaskawa GP25-C00
Yaskawa GP25-F00
Yaskawa GP25-F40
Yaskawa GP280-A00
Yaskawa GP300R-A00
Yaskawa GP35L-A00
Yaskawa GP35L-C00
Yaskawa GP400R-A00
Yaskawa GP400R-A10
Yaskawa GP4-A00
Yaskawa GP50-A00
Yaskawa GP50-C00
Yaskawa GP50-F00
Yaskawa GP7-A00
Yaskawa GP7-F00
Yaskawa GP88-A00
Yaskawa GP8-A00
Yaskawa GP8-F00
Yaskawa GP8L-A00
Yaskawa HC10-A00
Yaskawa HC10DT-A10
Yaskawa HC10DT-B10
Yaskawa HC10DTF-F10
Yaskawa HC10DTFP-F00
Yaskawa HC10DTP-A00
Yaskawa HC10DTP-B00
Yaskawa HC20DT-B10
Yaskawa HC20DTP-B00
Yaskawa HP165-A00
Yaskawa HP20-A00
Yaskawa HP20D-B00
Yaskawa HP20F-B00
Yaskawa HP20R-B2C
Yaskawa HP20RD-D00
Yaskawa HP3-A00
Yaskawa HP3J-J00
Yaskawa HP3XF-A00
Yaskawa HP3XF-B00
Yaskawa HP5-A00
Yaskawa HP6-A00
Yaskawa HP6-R00
Yaskawa HP6-R10
Yaskawa IA20-A00
Yaskawa MA1400-B00
Yaskawa MA1400-B10
Yaskawa MA1400-B80
Yaskawa MA1440-A00
Yaskawa MA1440-A10
Yaskawa MA1550-B00
Yaskawa MA1800-B00
Yaskawa MA1800-B10
Yaskawa MA1900-B00
Yaskawa MA1900-B10
Yaskawa MA1900-B80
Yaskawa MA2010-A00
Yaskawa MA2010-A10
Yaskawa MC2000-J00
Yaskawa MH110-A00
Yaskawa MH12-A00
Yaskawa MH165-B00
Yaskawa MH180-A00
Yaskawa MH180-A10
Yaskawa MH180-C00
Yaskawa MH200-B00
Yaskawa MH215-B00
Yaskawa MH215-J00
Yaskawa MH225-A00
Yaskawa MH24-A00
Yaskawa MH24-A10
Yaskawa MH250-B00
Yaskawa MH250-J00
Yaskawa MH280-J00
Yaskawa MH3BM-A00
Yaskawa MH3F-A00
Yaskawa MH50-B00
Yaskawa MH50-B10
Yaskawa MH50-B20
Yaskawa MH50-J00
Yaskawa MH50-J10
Yaskawa MH50-J20
Yaskawa MH5F-A12
Yaskawa MH5LF-A12
Yaskawa MH5LS-A12
Yaskawa MH5LS-J12
Yaskawa MH5S-A12
Yaskawa MH5S-J12
Yaskawa MH6-B00
Yaskawa MH6-B30
Yaskawa MH6F-B00
Yaskawa MH6S-B00
Yaskawa MH6S-B30
Yaskawa MH80-D00
Yaskawa MH80-J00
Yaskawa MotoMINI-A00
Yaskawa MPX1150-A00
Yaskawa MPX1150-C00
Yaskawa MPX1950-A00
Yaskawa MPX1950-B00
Yaskawa MS100-A00
Yaskawa MS165-A00
Yaskawa MS210-A00
Yaskawa MS80W-B00
Yaskawa MS80W-J00
Yaskawa SIA10-A00
Yaskawa SIA10D-A00
Yaskawa SIA10F-A00
Yaskawa SIA20-A00
Yaskawa SIA20D-A00
Yaskawa SIA20F-A00
Yaskawa SIA50D-A00
Yaskawa SIA5F-A00
Yaskawa SP100-A00
Yaskawa SP100B-A00
Yaskawa SP110H-A00
Yaskawa SP130-A00
Yaskawa SP150R-A00
Yaskawa SP165-105-A00
Yaskawa SP165-A00
Yaskawa SP180H-110-A10
Yaskawa SP180H-A00
Yaskawa SP185R-A00
Yaskawa SP210-A00
Yaskawa SP225H-135-A10
Yaskawa SP225H-A00
Yaskawa SP235-A00
Yaskawa SP80-A00
Yaskawa SSA3-A00
Yaskawa SSA3-A10
Yaskawa SSF6-A00
Yaskawa SSF6R-A20
Yaskawa VA1400-B00
Yaskawa VS50-A00

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