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At HAL Robotics, we program industrial robots to execute variable, complex and uncommon tasks.


From 3D printing construction elements to inspecting every bolt of a train bogie, we take pride in providing solutions to the most innovative companies.

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You don’t need to be a robotics expert to leverage automation!

Since 2014 we have been helping our clients in the UK, Europe, North America and Australasia innovate and get to market faster, by providing them with robust and highly flexible solutions to program, simulate, control and monitor processes involving industrial machinery.

software module

portable software services to add robot programming wherever you need it

ideal for connecting your robots to your IT infrastructure, on-premises, on the edge or in the cloud

bespoke user interface

intuitive, tailored UI to reprogram your robots and manage production changes

ideal for operators, engineers and designers who shouldn’t have to “speak robot” to get their job done

prototyping platform

develop your robotic application PoCs within McNeel Rhinoceros & Grasshopper

ideal for early stage R&D, when experimenting and iterating quickly are key to success


We are driven by getting robots to do exactly what you need, whether that’s adding flexibility to an existing process or developing an entirely new one.


Whether you’re just starting out or already have robots in production, we are ready to support the next steps on your automation journey.

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The HAL Robotics Framework

Underpinning our services is the HAL Robotics Framework, an extensible and modular software which facilitates adaptive programming of robot tasks,  inter-device communication,  and motion planning for one or many robots working together.

The Framework covers an end-to-end workflow from cell modelling right through to robot execution and deployment.

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